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Seminario Interuniversitario de Investigación en Ciencias Matemáticas

General Guidelines for SIDIM Poster Presenters

This year the SIDIM will be held virtually. Poster presenters will be assigned to specific "Break-rooms". Each of these break-rooms will run for about an hour. Participants are expected to "pop in" into a given break-room at any moment within the time period assigned for presentatios. The host of a given break-room will give sharing privilege to the person presenting a poster in that room, so that he or she can show the poster and answer any questions from participants that show up for the poster. The schedule of the break-rooms for poster presentations will be announced about one week before the activity.

Poster presentations foster the exchange of ideas between the contributor and those who have a specific interest in the contributor's work. Poster presentations enable the presenters to proceed at a pace consistent with the interests of the group gathered around them.

How to Prepare your Presentation

At the Meeting